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Make your home Spooktacular this Halloween with these eco-friendly DIY projects and crafts

Halloween comes with a host of natural decor inspirations, perfect for those wanting to take a greener approach to going all-out in orange and black.

Consider this: Halloween produces tens of thousands of tonnes of plastic waste every year – from costumes to candy wrappers to creepy ornaments. It can also get expensive. But you can do the planet and your pocketbook a favour by using the natural bounty right outside your doorstep (or hidden in your closets) when searching for materials to make your home spectacularly spooky and Halloween-ready.

Simple decor ideas for crafty creators

Creating decorations and displays from materials you already have at home is a great way to reuse, reduce and recycle. And you can go even greener by using materials you might have growing in your garden (or that you can find at your local grocer). Here are some ideas to get you started.

painting on pumpkins

Pumpkins and gourds oh my

Pick a pack of stackable pumpkins this year and try your hand at etching. Carve a spooky scene or something decidedly more refined like this etched vine topiary trio.

Decorative gourds are always gorgeous in table centrepieces and on mantles. They can add some flourish to your Halloween decor, especially if you’re going for a more seasonal than scary aesthetic.

Try a gourd garland with some simple twine and a variety of shapes and colours. You can display it outside on your front porch or wrap it around your banister to give your indoor decor some seasonal flair.

dogs dressed in ghost costume for Halloween

All things ghostly and ghastly

If you’ve got an old set of white bedsheets tucked away in the back of your closet, this is the perfect time to give it new life and create a ghostly effect. Go for effortlessly eerie by draping those sheets over your furniture. A touch of webbing on mirrors and light fixtures adds to the haunting effect.

Or prop your sheets over some broomsticks for support and lighting for effect and turn them into ghostly apparitions.

If you’re okay with taking scissors to fabric, cut up a sheet to make a creepy fabric wreath, then decorate it with red food colouring drippings or construction paper spiders or bats.

woman making fall wreaths

That fall feeling

There’s nothing like a fall walk through crunchy leaves on a crisp, sunny day. And while you’re out, take the opportunity to look around for materials like branches, leaves and any other inspiring odds and ends you can use to create festive fall decor.

You can fashion a simple fall wreath with branches and colourful leaves and then adorn it with those ever-present acorns for a unique and rustic look. You can also add a pop of colour with some beautiful red autumn berries.

If a wreath feels like too much work, tie some simple black ribbons to your tree branches and call them bat branches. Black construction paper would work well here, too. Add some eyes with dabs of white glue.

Halloween decorations displayed on table

Frightfully delicious

What else says Halloween fun like baking up some terrifyingly tasty treats? Recipes don’t need to be overly ambitious: these cute banana mummies only require a handful of simple ingredients found in any grocery store, such as bananas, chocolate chips and M&Ms.

And what’s Halloween without a healthy dose of candy? Since you’ll likely be buying it anyway, why not fashion some of it into décor. This candy corn garland is easy to make with fishing line and a sewing needle. And at the end of the month, it makes for the best kind of cleanup – the kind you can eat!

Reduce your waste this Halloween

The beauty of using natural materials for your Halloween decor is that you can usually recycle them when you’re done. Leaves, branches and other organics can go straight into the green bin, while paper can go in the blue bin.

And as long as they’re still good, don’t toss your pumpkins and gourds in the trash! You can try some delicious recipes for pumpkin-themed meals or donate your pumpkins to a local farm as animal feed. Just be sure to remove any remaining candle wax first!

 mother and son decorating pumpkins on Halloween

Keep safety top of mind

Halloween scares may be all in good fun, but you’ll want to practice some simple safety tips to ensure your homemade crafts don’t become the stuff of nightmares. Here are a few things to keep top of mind this spooky season:

  • Never place candles inside paper-based décor. We suggest changing to flameless candles instead of the real deal.
  • Lights are great to help set an eerie mood, but keep in mind that any lights you’re plugging in can get hot, so it’s best to keep them far away from sheets and other flammable organic materials.
  • Use a surge protector to guard against power surges and use one longer extension cord rather than plugging in multiples.

And of course, because we’re still in a pandemic, consider setting up a COVID-safe candy station for all the neighbourhood ghouls and goblins. Boo-ya!

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Have a safe and wickedly wonderful season!

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