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Our pet holiday gift guide is here: Treat your cats and dogs with these festive gifts

Have you got a special gift for your pet yet? The holiday season is almost here, and it’s time you made a list of who’s been naughty (your neighbour’s pet) and who’s been nice (your pet, of course!). So why not let your pet join in the fun this holiday season? If you’re looking for ideas to surprise your furry friend, then we’ve got you covered.

Show your pet how much you love them with these 10 fun-time gifts for cats and dogs.

  1. Fancy pet sofa
    A dog sofa recliner is just the thing for laid-back pooches and the perfect gift to keep your dog off your own couch. Check out this comfortable velvet pet couch (it comes in light gray, pink or dark gray), and this delightful chaise lounge for small pets that has built-in storage!
  2. Custom pet portrait
    Order a custom oil painting of your pet that’s painted on Vancouver Island. You just send the artist your pet photos, choose a canvas size, give her feedback (she’ll send you updates as she paints for 1-3 weeks) and then your oil painting will arrive stretched and wired to brighten your wall. Or why not go a different way and order a digital portrait of your pet dressed up as a character, such as a king, queen, king, general or warrior!
  3. Artist hiding behind painting of a dachshund

  4. Doggy DNA test
    Maybe this is more of a gift to yourself–but if you test your dog’s DNA, you can find their relatives, breed, traits and genetic health insights. You’ll usually get results back in around 2-4 weeks. Not only is learning about your dog's background fascinating, but the info can help you give your dog the best care possible in the long run–so it does come back as a treat for them!
  5. Sushi catnip toys
    Surprise your cat with ‘fresh’ nigiri-style sushi this Christmas. Your cat will go crazy for this cute box of catnip sushi toys. The sushi toys come in colourful tuna, egg, salmon and shrimp pieces.
  6. Tabby cat plays at the Christmas tree

  7. Dog ball tosser
    For whatever reason, cats love catnip and dogs love chasing balls. Avoid tennis/baseball elbow by making this ergonomic Chuckit! Classic Launcher do all the work. You spend less time throwing balls and more time watching your dog bring the ball 95% back to you. It’s the perfect way to bond with your dog on a nice spring afternoon (which is just around the corner, we promise).
  8. Laser robot cat toy
    Give your cat the gift of exercise and play with this interactive laser toy. Sure, it looks like a conquering robot has landed from outer space to make your cat dance and do its bidding. And that’s fully the point. For 15 minutes, this conqueror will shoot laser beams out of its face and make your cat race around the room. Then it shuts off for 90 minutes before turning on again to entertain/infuriate your furry friend.
  9. ‘Hide a Squirrel’ dog puzzle
    This plush tree trunk toy easily makes for an hour-long game of ‘Hide and Squeak’. Fill this plush tree trunk with the six squeaky squirrels, roll it to your dog and let your dog’s hunting instincts take over. This toy will mentally stimulate your dog as they search for squirrels to toy with. It’s gentle on the teeth and gums, so it’s great for puppies or adult dogs.
  10. Dog in a Christmas hat

  11. Cricket treats
    Why should humans get all the holiday treats? These peanut butter-flavoured treats are hypoallergenic (you won’t find any allergy-linked beef, chicken, soy or fish in these treats) because they’re made with cricket protein. Easy to digest, cricket treats act as a prebiotic and they apparently have more omega-3 and vitamin B-12 than salmon. They’re also good for the environment, as insect protein uses less water and virtually no greenhouse gases, so they even reduce your pet’s carbon pawprint!
  12. Backpack space capsule (a.k.a The Space Catsule)
    If this toy is good enough for Taylor Swift’s cat, surely it’s good enough for your furry travel buddy. This airline-approved space age backpack pet carrier (it’s good for carrying your cat or small/medium sized dog) has padded shoulder straps, a chest buckle to relieve your shoulder burden, a mesh cover and a space bubble so your cat can glare at the world. There’s an inner leash to keep your pet in place and a soft washable pad for them to rest on as they stare back at you.
  13. Pet insurance stocking stuff
    Protect your pet’s health, your peace of mind, and your wallet with BCAA’s Pet Insurance, in partnership with Pets Plus Us. Give them the gift of customizable coverage for accidents, illness, alternative therapies and special benefits like Emergency Medical Coverage, PetHelpFone™, Compassionate Care Line and Pet Poison Helpline®. Better yet, BCAA Members get 13.5% off pet insurance*.

Winter holidays are a great time to protect your furry friend, so get a quote on BCAA Pet Insurance today.

Let's help Santa Clause!

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