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BCAA Small Business Insurance for your local BC business

Building and running a small business takes a lot of heart and hard work. Entrepreneurs have taken chances to establish and grow their company, and we want to help them protect what they've built. To support BC businesses with the insurance coverage they need, we're excited to announce our new BCAA Small Business Insurance. Our commitment has always been to protect British Columbians and help them move forward, and we're excited to extend that same level of service to small business owners in the province.

British Columbia is a small business haven. According to the BC Government's Small Business Profile, 98 percent of all BC businesses are considered small businesses, and nearly 20 percent of BC's workforce is self-employed. We also know that many small businesses don't have the insurance coverage they need, and it's estimated that 25 percent of BC businesses are underinsured or have no insurance at all.

That’s why we created BCAA Small Business Insurance, which will be available for over 200 professions, focusing on landlords, business services, retail and construction.

What’s unique about BCAA Small Business Insurance?

We know that “small business” is anything but small for BC entrepreneurs. Their company means everything to them - it's not a nine-to-five job; it’s their life. Every setback is significant, and the right coverage provides the confidence and ability to keep growing. That’s why we're here to help with a new kind of business insurance that combines customized coverage with online convenience. It’s protection for BC entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to dream big. Here’s what you can expect from our BCAA Small Business Insurance:

  • Quick and convenient purchase online: Customers can get a quote and buy online whenever it suits them with our policy recommendation tool that only asks all of the important questions and nothing more.
  • Customizable protection: We provide custom coverage recommendations that protect BC small businesses against unique risks.
  • Simple and straightforward: Straightforward protection for businesses that BC entrepreneurs have worked so hard to build.
  • Solid advice: Our online quote tool will help identify risks and recommend the most suitable coverages. If more assistance is needed, a team of expert Small Business Advisors will be ready to help online or over the phone.
  • Trust and reliability: As trusted insurance experts with unique BC knowledge, award winning service and a local 24/7 emergency claims team, BCAA provides small business owners peace of mind that their business is protected.
  • Valuable ways to save: Reduce premiums through a claims-free discount. Plus, business owners with a personal BCAA Membership can unlock further savings.

As you can probably tell we’re excited to help local business owners with the launch of BCAA Small Business Insurance!

Learn about the basics of small business insurance and answer these eight questions to help determine if it’s right for you. Plus, get more information at including how business owners with a personal BCAA Membership can save up to 10%.