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Tips for switching your home insurance

When it comes to protecting your biggest asset, aka your home, it’s smart to explore all your options. Getting a better understanding of your coverage options can help ensure that you end up with the best home insurance for your needs. Here are the steps to follow and some helpful tips along the way:

How to compare insurance

First thing you need to do is to get quotes from a variety of insurance companies. Make sure you’re comparing the exact same insurance coverage, so you’ll know that you’re getting the best rate and plan for your needs.

Here are a few simple questions you’ll want to answer about each insurance company you are considering:

  • Can I customize my policy?
  • Is there any extra coverage available for water-related claims, such as roof leaks, flooding and outdoor pipe protection?
  • What is the claims experience like?
  • Can I do business both online and in person?
  • Are there special savings available? For example, loyalty or bundling incentives.
  • Who is the underwriter? Do they understand my local needs?
  • Are sales commission-based?

Look beyond price

Sure, we love a good deal, just like you do. But often, the cheapest insurance policy won’t adequately cover your needs. Our team of experts recommend you make a purchase decision on what you need first, and the cost second. Because if you cut corners on home insurance, it can bite you later and cost you much more. Shop smart and avoid regrets.

How to shop for the right coverage

Once you’ve got a quote that looks good, double-check your current insurance coverage with your potential new insurance provider. Write down everything you want covered and make sure your new provider will deliver each one.

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Congrats, you’ve now done your research and are well on your way to finding the home insurance policy that’s right for you. If you’ve decided it’s time to make a switch to BCAA Home Insurance, here are the next steps:

Switching on your renewal date

If you switch insurance providers on your renewal date (i.e. the day your old policy expires), there’s no penalty or extra charge. You can simply start your new insurance policy and wave goodbye to your old one.

Switching mid-policy

Do you want to switch insurance providers mid-policy by cancelling your old policy before your renewal date? Before you do, contact your insurance provider to find out if they’ll send you a full prorated refund on your annual premium (i.e. if they will refund you 100% of the remaining months of coverage you won’t be using), or if they’ll charge you a penalty for cancelling early. If there is a charge, it still might be worth it to cancel early if the benefits of moving are significant enough.

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How to start your new insurance policy

Before you cancel your insurance, make sure your new policy is in place. An online quote is not a policy. You need to get a new contract, ensure that the new policy date is correct, and you may need to sign it and return it to the insurance company before it activates. It’s best to cancel your old policy in writing, either in a written letter or by email, that includes your name, contact info, policy number, policy termination date and when your coverage will end. They may ask you to sign a cancellation form.

We’re here to help

At BCAA we make buying and understanding your home insurance easy. We don’t use industry jargon, and our licensed agents don’t make commission – so you know you’re only getting exactly what you need. There’s many ways to save on BCAA Home Insurance! Save 5% when you buy online. Plus, BCAA Members automatically save 10% on BCAA Home Insurance, and you’ll save an extra 1% (up to 10%) for every consecutive year you’ve had your home insurance with us. 

You’ll enjoy peace of mind that your biggest investment is protected with BCAA Home Insurance. Visit to get a quote today. We can also help you by phone at 1.888.268.2222 Monday to Friday from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm and Saturdays 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.