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Paulette R.

A must-have gift from mom

women and child with broken down car

As a person having BCAA since 1989, I know how BCAA can save the day as it has done for me several times during the years. It’s so worth paying the yearly fee to relieve the mind in case something happens and BCAA is there to the rescue. I decided to buy BCAA for my daughter for quite a few years now. She never asked for it—never had to use it. But, I told her one day she will be so happy I buy it for her every year whether she needs it or not.

She got married and lived in Langley and then moved with her husband to Kamloops last year because of a job offer. She has two children, one aged 3 and the other almost 2 years old. I’m still buying the Membership for my daughter her no matter what. It’s been quite a few years that I’ve been doing this then a week ago, she calls me and says: “Thank you, Mom. We got up this morning and went to start the car and it wouldn’t.” My daughter and her husband were desperate. Luckily it happened on a Sunday.

Then they remembered that they have BCAA that Mom buys for them every year. They called BCAA. A driver came out and it wasn’t the battery. He helped them find a service station that was open on a Sunday, and off the car was towed. Yea Grandma! One for her! They were so happy BCAA came to the rescue, and now see what a good investment I made for them. And hopefully when I am not around anymore, they continue with BCAA. I think they will.

They made me so happy that I was a smitten all day. It was such a relief for them, too to have BCAA’s help. My daughter sent me an email saying, “Thank you for the BCAA”.

Paulette R.
Member since 1989

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