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BCAA saves the day 7,000km from home!

View of residential buildings along an Amsterdam canal    

We were visiting friends in the Netherlands. They had lived in our housing complex in Victoria, and the husband, a pilot, had a two-year contract to fly out of Amsterdam. It was his first international job, and his wife was part-way through getting her Ph.D., so she and their two children remained in Victoria, with plans to visit whenever it was possible.

My husband and I were invited to visit while the wife and children were in the Netherlands. A day trip we had planned was put on hold when we discovered a flat tire on the car that belonged to our friends. I happened to have my BCAA card with me, and we found out that there was a reciprocal agreement that meant my card covered the callout.

The Netherlands has a different way of operating its automobile association. The truck we were expecting was instead a motorcycle, with all the tools that would be needed for most breakdowns fastened to his motorcycle! It did not take him long to fix the flat and he was off to his next call, and we were able to carry on with our holiday.

I’ve mentioned this story to a few people I know who enjoy travelling and now they make sure to carry their BCAA membership cards with them whenever they travel.


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