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Blown tire stateside, but the vacation vibes kept rolling with BCAA!

BCAA Member Lori and her husband    

BCAA not only saved our day, but also saved our holiday! My husband Larry and I were on route to Oregon wine country for a short three-day stay with friends. We had left Kelowna on a Sunday, crossed the border, and about two hours into Washington, in the middle of nowhere – boom! Our rear tire just shredded.

We pulled into a roadside exit. There were no houses around and little traffic on the highway. My dear husband was able to put our spare tire on. We are seniors by the way, and we did not want to spend our Monday looking for tires as we had rented a house and friends waiting in Oregon.

We phoned BCAA, and the nicest lady answered. She stayed on the phone with us and searched for tire stores that were open on Sunday on our route to Yakima. Our car needed an extra width tire on the back, so it was a challenge to find somewhere open that also had a tire to fit.

She was so patient and continued to search for open stores while we crawled along on our spare tire. Suddenly, we lucked out with an open tire store an hour away, with one tire that fit our requirement. She stayed with us until we connected, and they promised to stay open for us until we arrived.

A happy ending, so thank you to our BCAA angel. Just a thought, maybe that was a sign to stay home and enjoy our own wine valley more!


Person on phone

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