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Car breakdown risks family lunch plans until BCAA serves up a rescue

Red car being loaded onto a BCAA tow truck on a rainy day    

I live in Kitsilano in Vancouver, and I was preparing to leave the next day to fly out of the country for six weeks. I had a ton of things to take care of, including visiting my elderly parents in their residency home in White Rock. I needed to introduce them to friends that will be housesitting, show our friends the White Rock condo and give them keys.

I was ready to take off, but the car didn’t start. I called BCAA right away. They say it would take about 45 minutes for them to arrive. So, I called my friends and my parents and told them to go ahead and eat lunch without me – because I had no idea how I would get there.

Luckily, because BCAA had a previous callout five blocks away, the driver arrived in only 10 minutes! So, I told Derek the story. He told me he had a call out for White Rock next AND that he could tow me to my parents’ residence on the way to the BCAA Auto Service Centre! I couldn’t believe it! I made it on time for lunch, saw my parents, gave the keys to my friends and Derek dropped my vehicle off at the BCAA Auto Service Centre for me.

Unfortunately, I needed a new starter, which Derek thought might be the case, but I am beyond grateful for Derek’s quick creative thinking and great service. This is the second time that BCAA has saved the day for me in a big way!


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