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Crisis averted on the way to Banff

Dennis Mark and family

During the late summer, we decided to take our Mitsubishi RVR to go to Banff for the first time. While we were driving along the Coquihalla, we ran out of gas about 10km outside of Merritt. I was so nervous as we weren’t familiar with the area, didn’t know where the closest gas station was and had no phone service! Also, we had our 6-month-old son with us, and it was starting to get cold. We were frustrated and stressed out to say the least.

I called 911 to connect to BCAA due to our poor phone signal. The request was successfully passed along and fortunately they came earlier than I expected. The BCAA driver even gave us advice on where was the best place to get gas on our trip.

Lesson learned! I should have paid more attention to the signs on the highway and listened to my wife to take the previous exit for the gas station. Overall, BCAA saved me and my family and we were able to continue our memorable vacation.

Dennis M.

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Share your #BCAASavestheDay story and you could win a $50 eGift Card to one of our rewards partners.

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