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Cross Provincial Move Mishap 

How a mom used her BCAA Membership to keep everyone safe and moving during a cross provincial move mishap.

woman standing by van

Everyone teases me about my 2001 Grand Dodge Caravan. It is "Not cool"; it loses its "value". I can speak with fondness on how much I love that van because it does what I need it to do and does not fail me. In the last 10 months I have put over 10,000 miles on it and count on BCAA being there for me when things go wrong.

After driving from Victoria to a small town in the interior, which is a 14 hour drive. I picked up my son to head to Calgary. My husband flew in to meet us as we were getting our son's townhouse cleaned and ready to be listed as he had moved for a new job. We had a crazy four days getting it done, packing my caravan to the roof as we went.

We are now heading out on a 13 hour trip back to his new home. Our son insisted that he needed cat litter in Prince George, but I was not sure we could even fit that in. Our son was tired of sitting in the back, so I let him take over the wheel as he has logged a lot of highway driving in his 27 years. It is dark, pouring rain and we are trying to pass cars, which is very challenging in that kind of weather. My son was forced to return to the lane after unsuccessfully completing a pass. Unfortunately there was a huge rock on the road, which he hit with the front passenger tire. Within minutes, we are on the side of the road with a ruined tire. The shoulder is too soft to put out a jack, the spare tire is buried under all that stuff we packed and we have to hang the phone out of the window to try to get reception.

After a successful, if not static call to BCAA, we were told that they would send someone to help. The tow truck had to travel 45 minutes to get to us and the driver had to hook us up in that terrible weather with heavy traffic passing at over 100 km an hour. The van was towed to a shop within minutes from our son's home.

We were grateful for the prompt response from BCAA as we were in a very dangerous spot on that dark, rainy highway. I would never leave home without my BCAA membership safely tucked in my wallet.

I am grateful that my husband and son did not have to change a tire on a dark, rainy and busy highway!