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Andy | Evo Member

Evo Keeps the Wedding Rolling 

Evo Wedding Scene

First, let me say just how much I love Evo. I LOVE EVO. Evo is like your coolest, most reliable (and environmentally-conscious) friend whom you admire and strive to be like. Your friend who will save you in a pinch and ask for little in return. Evo really saved our hides on our wedding day, and for that I am incredibly grateful. Let me explain: I love pulling off out-of-the-box grand gestures for my (then fiancée, now) wife. We had been planning/ fighting/ crying/ re-planning/ questioning/ sweating/ laughing/ re-re-planning all the elements of our wedding day to make sure that it was unique to us. We wanted a great story to be able to tell the future grandkids. This meant every detail - so, after some very extensive begging, I somehow secured a 60-foot yacht to take us and our 10-person bridal party from Granville Island to our beachside wedding. We thought we had thought of everything.

Then after an incredibly beautiful and rain-free summer, on the day of our wedding the skies opened up and torrentially blanketed the city. Coupled with high winds, the yacht was no longer an option. More traditional limos were out because everything was booked and this was very last minute. So, what's a socially-conscious soon-to-be-husband to do? We managed to secure a small fleet of Evos nearby, had our 4 drivers sign in, and convoyed over to the wedding venue. And while we were driving through a dismally grey Vancouver, trying not to wrinkle the 300 layers of tulle that would be accompanying my bride down the aisle, freaking out about committing my life to one woman then calming myself down again remembering how madly in love with her I was/am, I was struck by a thought. If my mission was to have a different, efficient, pseudo-hipster way to get to our ceremony, then not only did Evo help us literally get to the wedding on time (and on budget!!) but it gave us a REALLY good story to tell all the future grandkids. Evo, we couldn't have done it without you. Many thanks.

-Self-proclaimed lifetime member, Andy (proud new husband to Anna)

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