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Furry friend got locked in the trunk so BCAA hurried to my call

Dog in car trunk    

I was about to embark on a dog walk and chose to use the public bathroom beforehand. Somehow my car was set to lock automatically after a short period of time. When I returned, I realized my keys were locked in the car with my dog. I phoned BCAA to come and unlock the car explaining that there was a dog also in there. It was a summer day and a BCAA service technician was there in less than 15 minutes to open the car. They expedited the request because my furry friend was in the back.

More recently, I arrived home to notice my tire was completely flat. I called BCAA and through their very efficient automated system was able to place a request for a service technician to come and change it. They were within the ETA and the service technician had the tire off, the spare on, and the flat tire loaded in my car within 10 minutes! I encouraged him to sign up for the Indy 500.

I have both home and auto insurance with BCAA and believe that the benefits of my Membership are very good value.


Person on phone

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