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Smoke scare derails family camping trip but BCAA clears the air and saves the day

Car and trailer parked in a sunny wooded campsite    

I tell this story to recommend BCAA whenever the topic comes up. It was about 11am on a sunny Friday morning, right before a long weekend. The car was carefully packed with myself, my sister, my son and his two best friends. Behind us, we towed a small trailer containing all the necessities for a week at the lake.

As we drove down the freeway, the air of excitement was thick with chatter of three 10-year-old boys’ anticipation of a new adventure. On the outskirts of Chilliwack, during a game of punch buggy, is when it happened. An ill-packed metal caulking gun flew out of the back of a pickup truck ahead, and in a nanosecond, it ricocheted off the road and under our car, piercing the oil filter.

Within seconds, the oil light came on and smoke started coming out from the motor. I pulled over immediately, which landed us right by an off ramp. I called BCAA and within half an hour they had sent a cab for my sister and the boys, found a garage that could help us and sent a tow truck for the car and the trailer.

Incredibly, we were back on the freeway by 1:30pm to carry on our vacation, with only an undercarriage streaked with silicon as evidence that anything had happened. I have always been so grateful for how BCAA was able to expertly handle this situation, get us to safety and give us all the help we needed so quickly. I have been a Member for a very long time because of this. Thank you BCAA!


Person on phone

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