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Marc & Liz Marins

Two Stranded Wedding Guest

BCAA saves the day August 2017

My husband and I drove up to the Sun Wolf Resort in Squamish from North Vancouver for a wedding and our car engine was giving out on the last 10 km of the way there.  We had no idea what was wrong and we had to call BCAA to come to our rescue!  We were so thankful to have help on the way especially since we were so far away from home. 

We made it to the wedding venue and BCAA towed the car all the way back to our mechanic back in North Van and we were able to get a ride back home from friends after the wedding.  We are so thankful for the service BCAA provides when you really don't have anyone else who can help you!!! ;)

Thank you!!

Best regards,
Liz and Marc
(BCAA Member since 2012)

Person on phone

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