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A warmhearted rescue during a cold snowy breakdown

Woman standing in the snow talking on the phone, gesturing to parked car behind her    

After a long day of hard work, I was heading home. The snow was falling for the first snow fall of the season. I heard a strange sound coming from my car. I looked for a place to pull over and saw my wheel coming flying by me. The car suddenly leached forward and my front end hit the ground. Luckily, I was able to pull over and people were so kind to help retrieve my tire. I called BCAA and began my wait for the tow truck to come. Before I knew it, a flat deck truck was behind my car. The man jumped out and quickly assessed the situation. It seemed like within minutes he had me safely loaded. I expressed my surprise at the quick arrival. He responded that he had not been called from the dispatcher. He was driving by when he saw my precarious position and came to my rescue. He called the dispatch and confirmed my Membership and we headed off. Hero of the day! I love my Membership with BCAA.

By September, BCAA Member.

Person on phone

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