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School Zone Safety

Helping support safe school zone throughout BC.

student leadership
Provide a Student Leadership Program

Let students in grades 5-7 take the lead in promoting a safe community and learn teamwork skills. Plus, they’ll become role models for younger students and their peers.

Promote Safer Travel Routes
Promote Safer Travel Routes

This program provides pedestrians and drivers with a safer route through busy school zones.

Reduce Traffic Congestion
Reduce Traffic Congestion 

Student-patrolled crosswalks keep traffic flowing while providing a designated point to safely cross. 

School Safety Patrol Equipment

The BCAA School Safety Patrol program has all the necessary safety patrol equipment, student resources and training materials to get you up and running – free of charge. Take heart knowing we’ve carefully considered and vetted the provided equipment and materials.

Returning schools will receive a package with student resources and whistles, while new schools receive a starter package (for 30 student patrollers and 1 crosswalk) once your registration has been confirmed. And if you run out, additional equipment and training materials can be ordered upon request.

School Safety Patrol Registration Form

For free registration to the BCAA School Safety Patrol Program, your elementary school must have: 

  • a designated administrator or teacher to coordinate the program
  • a legal, marked crosswalk
  • a single crosswalk (not multiple crosswalks on a 3 or 4-way intersection)
  • a crosswalk within a reasonable proximity to the school
  • an unobstructed crosswalk with clear sightlines for pedestrians and drivers
  • a crosswalk that is located within a 30 km/hour school zone

For more information about the program including roles, responsibilities and crosswalk assessment details please review the SSP Program Manual 


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