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How to save money with annual multi-trip travel insurance

Even for a quick trip across the border, you really need to consider how valuable travel insurance can be. The risk of not having insurance means you’re vulnerable to sudden emergency medical costs that, especially if you get injured or sick injured or sick in the USA, can leave you with sky-high medical bills.

At BCAA, we offer two types of travel insurance plans to protect you: Single Trip Policy (best for when you’re planning one trip outside of BC in the next year) and Annual Multi-trip Policy (best for when you’ll cross the border more often). Here’s how BCAA's Annual Multi-trip plan saves you money, so you get more value for your dollar.

Annual Multi-trip Policy is great for frequent flyers and drivers

If you buy a BCAA Annual Multi-trip insurance policy, you’re covered for as many trips you take outside Canada as you like, all year long, and up to a maximum trip length that you select. This coverage is worldwide too, so you’re not just covered for your occasional cross-border US shopping trip—you’re covered anywhere you roam around the globe. Plus, you’re covered for any amount of days for travel within Canada – no matter the maximum trip length you select.

Your coverage includes access to 24/7 Virtual Care, so you can get the medical help you need safely and conveniently wherever you are in the world. This medical help could be a phone or video call with a doctor, or you may even have a doctor visit you where you’re staying.

talking to a doctor on a video call

Here’s a cost-saving BCAA Travel Insurance case study

Let’s say you’re a healthy 60-year-old British Columbian who likes to visit Washington State for work or pleasure (you love to fill up on gas in Blaine and sometimes you roll down to Woodinville for golf and wine country). If you cross the border once each month, all year long, and you buy BCAA Single Trip Travel Insurance policies for each of your 12 quick trips, you’ll pay a minimum $20 per trip (for day trips) and at least $240 for the year on BCAA Travel Insurance.

Compare that with our significantly-more-affordable BCAA Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy. For your same 12 trips across the border (or 30 trips or 51 trips!), you’d pay just $113.39 on BCAA Travel Insurance for the entire year. That’s a savings of 53% on your travel insurance coverage and you get to keep $125 cash in your pocket.

Plus, with our BCAA Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy means you don’t have to rush back home. When you purchase a BCAA Annual Multi-trip policy, you can take your time down south and stay up to the maximum trip length that you select at time of purchase. So, you’ll get more out of your trips and you can see and do more when you’re at your destination. You’ll feel less like a stressed-out tourist and more like a happy traveller and roamer.

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That’s just one example of how a BCAA Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy can save British Columbians money. Your own policy will be unique to you, of course, and we’d love to get you covered for your upcoming trip(s). Bottom line: we’re happy to protect you with either BCAA Single Trip or Annual Multi-trip insurance coverage—and you might find that BCAA Annual Multi-trip policies are the most flexible, convenient and cost-effective travel insurance option for you and your family.

As BC’s Top Choice for Travel Insurance and Most Trusted Brand for Insurance*, you can count on BCAA to get a fast and easy quote that fits your needs. To see which option works for you, visit and as always, BCAA Members** save 10% and kids are covered free on Family Plans.

Happy and safe travels out there!

*BCAA, in association with CAA, was chosen as the #1 Most Trusted Insurance Brand by British Columbia participants in the 2023 Gustavson Brand Trust Index.
**BCAA Member savings on insurance products are only available with Basic, Plus, or Premier Membership plans. For full details, please visit Applicable to dependent children are free on family Travel Emergency Medical Insurance policies with two paying adults. Adults must be age 59 or younger. Policy terms and conditions apply.