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For a limited time, get an Absorbed Glass Mat Battery from BCAA.

BCAA is offering AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Batteries for Sale and Installation by appointment only from September 7th to September 30th. AGM batteries are especially good at dealing with the power demands of modern cars with their start-stop systems, GPS systems, multiple LCD screens and cell phone charging.

BCAA will be offering select AGM batteries for a limited number of vehicles, which will be available in the Lower Mainland from Vancouver to Abbotsford.

Vehicle Makes and Models available for installation:


  • F150, Escape, Edge, Fusion, Transit, EcoSport, Focus, Ranger, Expedition


  • Durango


  • Sonata, Kona, Santa Fe Sport, Elantra


  • Pilot, Odyssey, Passport


  • Rio, Optima, Soul

What are AGM Batteries?

Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology is quickly becoming an automotive standard as auto makers try to meet the power requirements of today's vehicles. With the rapid emergence of Start-Stop engine management systems, designed to increase fuel efficiency, the onset of AGM domination is speeding up.

The enhanced durability from the AGEM design provides extra protection against deep discharge and multiple-cycle damage. This enables extended life even with repeated charge/discharge cycles. In fact AGM batteries have 2x the cycle life of conventional flooded batteries, recharging faster, and provide more accessory power longer.