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Top 5 Halloween safety tips for parents and drivers: Keep those lil’ super heroes, zombies and ghosts safe!

There’s nothing like getting a good ‘scare’ on Halloween—but not when it comes to kids’ safety. We’d like to keep the frightening stuff to horror movies and ghost stories. Keeping kids in BC safe on the road and at play—and while trick-or-treating is important to BCAA. Here are some safety tips for parents and drivers to keep in mind for Halloween night.


For parents

  1. Help kids be seen on Halloween. Include something bright and reflective on your child’s costume that makes them stand out in the dark. Carry a flashlight.
  2. Make sure your goblin can see. Consider using face paint on your child instead of them wearing a mask. Choose costumes that are easy to move around in and don’t cause tripping.
  3. Safety in a gaggle of ghosts. Walk in groups whenever you can to help drivers and others see you and your children, especially when crossing the road.
  4. Plan out your trick-or-treating route. Visit the area beforehand if you can, and look for risky spots to avoid. A safe approach is to start trick-or-treating on one side of the street before crossing to the other.
  5. Go over road safety rules with your ghouls.
  • Don’t run out onto the street, especially from in between parked cars
  • Always cross at marked crosswalks and designated intersections.
  • Always look both ways and make eye contact with drivers before crossing the street.


For drivers

  1. Something frightening this way comes. Watch your speed and drive slowly through residential areas. Travelling at least 10 kilometres slower in neighbourhoods can make a big difference if you have to stop suddenly.
  2. Who ya gonna call? Nobody. Avoid distractions at all times and never use your mobile phone while driving. Not only is it against the law, but it’s extremely dangerous, especially on a night when so many kids will be out.
  3. Make sure you can be seen. Turn on your headlights before dusk so kids can see your car. Always yield to pedestrians and come to a full stop at designated intersections.
  4. Beware of what lurks ahead or behind you. Watch for kids darting out from behind parked cars or little trick-or-treaters when you enter or exit driveways or back up.
  5. School zones are ghoul zones. A school is a popular central gathering place for kids and families to meet up to trick-or-treat together. Be aware of the extra pedestrian traffic that will take place in school zones.