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Take the Lead on Playing Safely

You are a superstar. No seriously, in the eyes of your kids you’re bigger than any Hollywood celebrity, cooler than any pro athlete and occasionally funnier than any cartoon character. So when it comes to playing safely, you’re always leading by example.

And while drivers need to slow down and watch out for kids near schools, playgrounds and parks; parents and guardians need to set a good example when playing in the yard, riding bikes around the neighbourhood, or walking to the local playground. Here’s some tips on how to keep those playful little sponges called kids, safe:
  • Show children not to play near the street and make sure they’re supervised when playing outside
  • Teach your kids to ask an adult for help retrieving toys that roll into the street or driveway.
  • Make helmets mandatory for everyone. Kids need to wear them on tricycles, bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, or ride-on toys. For added safety, add lights and reflectors
  • Dress your kids in bright, reflective clothing, so they can be seen in the dark
  • Show your children how to cross the street at an intersection, especially ones with marked crosswalks or crossing lights. Teach them about looking both ways and making eye contact with drivers before crossing
  • Remind and demonstrate to your kids to never cross the street between parked cars
Keeping our kids and neighbourhoods safe is a shared responsibility. To help out, we offer Slow Down, Kids Playing lawn signs for any member. When well-placed, these signs make motorists pay closer attention to their surroundings when driving through areas where kids often play. 

Become an even bigger superstar for your kids. Just show your membership card at your local BCAA Service Location* to get a free Slow Down, Kids Playing sign. Available while supplies last and limit one sign per Member per visit.  

BCAA Roadside Safety Sign

Slow Down, Kids Playing signs are not available in Prince George and BCAA Auto Service Centres.