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Traffic rules for common driving mistakes we all make in school zones

School zones are stressful places, especially during drop off and pick up times. BCAA’s second annual School Zone Safety survey shows a serious spike in dangerous driving. We get it—school zones can get chaotic and we’re not always on our best driving behaviour or following the rules.

Here’s a brush up on the rules of the road:


School zone speed limit is 30 km/hr between 8AM-5PM on school days unless otherwise posted. In playground zones, a 30 km/hr speed limit is in effect from dawn to dusk, 365 days of the year.

MVA 179 (1) – Fine $167 – Driver penalty points 3

Not stopping at marked crosswalks

Drivers must stop for pedestrians crossing the road at a crosswalk. The best and safest rule is for drivers to stop once they see a pedestrian standing on the curb at a crosswalk and to wait for as long as it takes for all pedestrians to reach the curb on the other side.

MVA 147 (1) and (2) – Fine $196-$253 – Driver penalty points 3

Disobeying crossing guards/student safety patrollers

Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists must follow the instructions of a school crossing guard or student patroller.

MVA 179 (4) – Fine $167 – Driver penalty points 3

Distracted driving

Using an electronic device while driving, including holding the device in a position in which it may be used, is considered to be distracted driving and is against the law.

For parents and guardians dropping off or picking up their child from school, BCAA recommends they avoid using their cell phone altogether within a school zone, even when their car is parked and idling at the curb.

MVA 214.2 (1) and (2) – Fine $368 – Driver penalty points 4

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Dangerous driving behaviours within school zones are on the rise and puts kids at risk. Hostile/aggressive attitudes and drivers ignoring rules such as not stopping at marked crosswalks, speeding and parking illegally. See more survey results.