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Top reasons to winterize your car for fall

Tips from BCAA automotive experts to winterize your car and save time and money

We know it’s only October, but we have some early bird tips that can save you time, money and worry when it comes to your car and winter driving—remember winter driving? Here’s a quick flashback—skidding on snow and ice, a dead battery on a cold day, wipers that leave blinding streaks or windows that can’t get defogged. It’s all coming back to us now, isn’t it?

And as the cold starts to creep in and we’re hit with that heavy BC rain and wet snow—none of us want to get caught unprepared and in an unsafe bad-weather driving situation.

So let’s make October the time for preparing our cars for winter driving before things really ‘get real’. Here are our top tips to having your car serviced early:

  1. Be ready for BC’s Winter Tire Law. Install winter tires, especially if you plan to travel on BC highways. From October 1 until March 31, sections of highways require winter tires or chains onboard. New for 2019, winter tire regulations have been extended until April 30 on some routes.
  2. Beat the “first snowfall’ rush. The first sight of snow triggers one of the busiest times for car maintenance shops and you may be waiting a while to get an appointment. Schedule your maintenance appointment at a BCAA Auto Service Centre in October before automotive repair locations become booked.
  3. Make sure crucial car parts will work when you need them most. Bad weather can happen at any time so we want to be ready. Have car components essential to safety checked including brakes, headlights, brake lights, windshield wipers and even your car’s air conditioning (that's right, it’s the A/C that can often de-fog your windows faster).
  4. Allow time for repairs. If a major repair is required, you’ll have enough time to get your car fixed before the weather starts to turn.
  5. Get early winter deals on tires. Many tire manufacturers offer rebates on new tires during this time. Visit your local BCAA Auto Service Centre and one of our trusted experts can help you choose the right tires.

    Earn up to 125 CAA Dollars (which works just like real money) on new Pirelli winter tires until Dec 15, 2018. Members can redeem CAA Dollars towards your Membership renewal, BCAA Insurance or for your next maintenance service at a BCAA Auto Service Centre.

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BCAA Auto Service Centres provide a 42-point inspection along with winter tire mount and balance. Get a vehicle winter check-up with an automotive professional you trust. Members get a free wheel alignment check with every oil change, along with a car wash—on—us with every service.