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The less obvious effects of winning BCAA Play Here

Winning Play Here can impact a community in more ways than just a brand new play space.

When BCAA launched Play Here in 2016, we had a vision of making BC a better place to play, one space at a time. And while six communities across BC have gotten much needed play space upgrades over the last two years for hundreds of children and families to enjoy – there are less visible impacts that we’ve made which we feel incredibly proud of.

Read on for an excerpt of a letter we’ve received from a PAC member of Marion Schilling Elementary in Kamloops, who won a $100,000 play space revitalization from Play Here in 2017.

After our win, I've seen some shifts in parents from our school, and in the larger community. Our parents are encouraged and hopeful, and from this, we see more motivation to drive change. Additional parents have joined our PAC since the contest, and school conversations are focused on creating positive change…When we feel discouraged, it is easy to reflect on the fact that all it takes is passionate parents to create a whole world of change. We also have experienced a stronger school and local community. So many people were invested in our win, and we continue to see their interest and positive thoughts directed towards our children. We are more connected to our 'village' than ever before.
…Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for showing our children that they are so very cared for in this world. The impact of this experience has had, and will continue to have, far reaching positive impacts for us all!

Knowing that we’ve made this kind of impact to a community is what keeps us inspired and continue to do what we do. This could be your community story in 2018. Play Here nominations open on March 27th – be sure to tune into Global News Morning for the launch!

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