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The Evolution of mobility in BC

For a long time now, so many of us have become accustomed to having our own car in our driveway, ready for us to use at any time. But in recent years, we’ve all been witness to a convergence of several mega-trends, including the sharing economy, rapid advances in digital technology and the changing needs of mobility in our daily lives.

Car ownership and rising living costs rising have many of us now turning to service like Evo Car Share, on-demand vehicle access, public transit and single person transportation such as cycling.

With more options at our fingertips, transportation has become a dynamic equation that we need to solve each day. Any one of these scenarios may be familiar to many of us: check your Evo Car Share app on the way to the bus stop; bike to the store then throw your bike on top of an Evo to get’ your grocery-filled bags home; or drive your car to the station and take public transit the rest of the way. Perhaps soon, reserving a rideshare or hopping onto a driverless vehicle will also become part of our mobility strategy.

It’s undeniable, we’re amid a transportation shift that’s revolutionizing the way we get around within our cities and from community to community. But how did we get here? Where are we going? And what will life be like when we get there?

In our two-part video series ‘Roads to Innovation’ we look at the evolution of mobility in BC, Canada and the upcoming changes on the horizon. Part-one starts with the first story of the first automobiles in Canada the desire to bring Canada together by way of the Trans-Canada Highway. In part-two we shift gears and look at the changing needs of mobility driven by densification of our cities, advances technology and changes in our rapidly complex lives.

Roads to Innovation (Part 1)

Roads to Innovation (Part 2)