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Top cycling rules to teach your kids

Cycling with our kids is an awesome way for families to have fun and spend time together—and get some exercise! And when our kids learn early on how to ride a bike properly and follow the rules of the road, they’re more set up to ride safely as they grow up. Here are ways to prepare your child for cycling:

  1. Ensure your child’s bike is road ready. Before riding, inflate their tires properly according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and check that their brakes work. If you’re unsure, take their bike to a local bike shop and ask them to do a safety check—many shops will provide this for free.
  2. Check the fit of their helmet. The 2V1 rule is a handy way to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.
  3. Improve your cycling IQ. HUB Cycling offers Family Streetwise and Adult Streetwise cycling courses, as well as private lessons. Consider registering you and your child in a course this summer to improve your cycling skills together!
  4. Teach children to use marked crosswalks and controlled crossings along their route.
  5. Be seen by drivers. Wear bright colors and use reflective gear and lights during both day and night so you and your child are visible to drivers.
  6. Ride together! Enjoy riding with your children and model how to use hand signals, ride in a straight line and shoulder check.
  7. Protect your child once they’re ready to bike on their own with Bike Assist which comes with a BCAA Membership. Parents, if you have a Plus or Premier Membership, register your child for BCAA Kids Go Free so they can receive the same roadside assistance coverage that you have when they’re riding in anyone else’s car or riding their bike.

    How to register: Kids go Free is only included with a BCAA Plus or Premier Membership. Log into your account online to register your child or contact us at 1‑888‑268‑2222 for a new Membership or to upgrade.