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How to take great photos when selling your used vehicle

Want to make your used vehicle listing stand out? An easy way to do that is to take great photos of your vehicle. Poor photos of your vehicle can hurt your chances of selling with ease. Try using these tips and tricks to make your vehicle stand out on BCAA Auto Marketplace.

Before you even start snapping photos, some preparation work is needed.

  1. Clean or detail your vehicle:
    Your vehicle deserves to be shown in its full glory. Clean your vehicle’s interior and exterior so that it can make a good impression on the potential buyers.
  2. Choose the right location to take photos:
    Don’t take photos of your vehicle in a crowded parking lot. You want to find a location where your vehicle is the primary focus and where there is the least amount of background distractions.

Now that you are all set up for success, here's some important advice to follow when taking photos of your vehicle:

  1. Use a quality camera:
    Many smartphones have a built-in camera that should suffice for taking photos of your vehicle. If you have a phone that produces grainy photos, you may want to use a digital camera as that will yield better results.
  2. Use natural light:
    When using natural light to take photos of your vehicle, opt for a cloudy, overcast day or take a picture at golden hour. Golden hour can be loosely defined as the hour after the sun rises and the hour before the sun sets. During this period, natural light has a very warm tone and can make your vehicle look amazing. One time to avoid if possible is a sunny midday. At this time, the sunlight is very harsh and can wash out your vehicle’s colour and shine. 
    Two images of a vehicle head-on, the one on the left has proper exposure, the one on the right is over exposed. Left: A vehicle photo with good exposure. Right: An over-exposed vehicle photo.
  3. Choose the right angles:
    There are many standard angles to take when selling a used vehicle. Take exterior photos that show the front and side, front and the rear. Make sure to show the key features on the interior as well, like the trunk, odometer, steering wheel and entertainment console. Make sure your vehicle fills out the frame as it should be the main subject of photo.
    Three images: A blue wrapped car at an angle, the steering wheel, and the rear of the car from the outside
  4. Highlight key features:
    If there are any unique features or special accessories for your vehicle, be sure to highlight them in action. Some unique features can include: folding or heated seats, upgraded speakers, convertible roof or a large trunk space.
    Two images: Buttons at the car's center console, and the sunroof
  5. Remove distractions:
    You may feel the need to edit your vehicle in a photo editing software, but it is important to be careful of what you edit. Removing distractions in the background such as people or plants is acceptable, but covering up imperfections with your vehicle is not. Make sure you post a photo of your vehicle that is accurate and representative of what it will look like in a parking lot.

Now that you’ve finished taking photos, how do you choose which one to show your potential buyers?

  1. Select photos that show your vehicle look appealing.
    Choose photos that not only show your vehicle in the best light, but also
    an accurate representation of your vehicle. Do not try to hide dents or scratches, instead take photos of them so that your potential buyers do not feel deceived when they see the vehicle in person. Using high resolution photos provides the buyer more confidence in what the vehicle currently looks like. 
  2. Include five photos for the exterior as well as another five photos for the interior of your vehicle.

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Used Vehicle Photo Guide