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How you can help displaced Ukrainians and how we will support you

The war in Ukraine is a real-time tragedy that’s affecting the entire world. Millions of Ukrainian people have been displaced from their country and homes, particularly women, children, and seniors. According to the United Nations, millions of refugees from Ukraine have fled their homes since the Russian invasion.

This crisis touches British Columbia, too

Emergency times require emergency assistance. Concerned by the crisis, British Columbian families have opened their homes to displaced Ukrainians. More than 11,000 Ukrainians have arrived in BC, with that number predicted to rise throughout 2024. So far, United Way BC has secured 350 housing units for people arriving from Ukraine.

That still leaves a lot of people who desperately seek shelter in a short time span. Unfortunately, displaced Ukrainians don’t get the type of funding and support they need to seek safety and belonging in Canada. The need to find a safe place to live is vital for these families fleeing from war, and the situation is made even more challenging by BC’s rental housing crisis.

The Ukrainian refugee mother with child crossing border

Hosting help is here

Many British Columbians want to help, but don’t know where to start. At BCAA, we believe in the power of community and, as a long-time supporter of United Way BC, we felt this was an area where we could help.

As a Membership-based organization of one million strong, we are reaching out to you, our Members, to support Ukrainians arriving in our province. Not only that, but for those who have home insurance policies with us, BCAA can help ensure your policy has you and your guests covered. Read on to learn more.

Want to find out more about being a host for displaced Ukrainians?

Can you provide a safe short-term or long-term living space for arriving Ukrainians? Your home will be a welcome shelter for those in need and you’ll feel the fulfillment of helping people when they need it most. United Way BC continues to secure housing units in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey), the Fraser Valley, Kamloops, Victoria, and Nanaimo. Learn more at United for Ukraine or register to become a host

If you host displaced Ukrainians, BCAA Home Insurance has you covered

Is your home insurance with BCAA? Then you can rest easy. BCAA will cover the cost of any additional home insurance premiums for eligible customers who hold a BCAA Home Insurance policy and host a displaced Ukrainian family or individual.

Eligible policyholders can welcome displaced new arrivals from Ukraine at no extra cost to their BCAA Home Insurance policy, and temporary guests from Ukraine will be covered for loss or damage to their belongings while on the premises.

It’s all to help smooth their transition to Canadian life, for as long as they need to stay with you.

All you need to do is call us at 1.833.533.1567 to speak with a home advisor to confirm your eligibility and update your BCAA Home Insurance policy as necessary.

If you hold a non-BCAA home insurance policy and decide to host a displaced individual or family from Ukraine, ensure you contact your insurance provider to understand how it will affect your home insurance policy. 

Here are three more ways you can help displaced Ukrainians:

1. Donate food, goods, and services

You can directly help support Ukrainians arriving in British Columbia by donating:

  • Non-perishable food items like canned vegetables, fruits, beans, and sauces.
  • Goods like clothing, blankets, pillows, linens and children’s toys.
  • Services like counselling, babysitting, massages, health, wellness, and beauty treatments.

Here’s where you can contact United Way BC to donate in-kind goods and services to displaced Ukrainians in need.

2. Volunteering your time and support

Your time is often the most valuable thing you can donate to refugees. You can volunteer to offer rides, babysitting, coaching, and more. Visit United Way BC’s volunteer program page at to find out how and where they need volunteers this month.

3. Monetary donations to help families today

You can show your compassion by donating to the United for Ukraine Fund. Learn more about United Way BC’s United for Ukraine initiatives here, call them at 1.877.557.1953, or email

Thank you for your care and support!

Working together with thoughtful people like you, we can enable BC communities to feel safe, protected and connected, including newcomers to our province seeking refuge.

Your donated housing, time, food, and donations will all be gratefully received and appreciated—and you’ll likely make friendships that last a lifetime. For more information visit