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Launching BCAA GO

A new BCAA Membership for the next generation of British Columbians.

This year, we looked to the future and challenged ourselves to think differently about what BCAA Membership means to British Columbians. We started by asking how we could be there for a younger generation. Especially when many don’t own a car but want to get around on their own terms using services like Evo and are also looking to stretch their dollar.

Our answer is BCAA GO – a new type of BCAA Membership that focuses in on what has the most value to a younger generation. For only $4 per month, BCAA GO allows more British Columbians to move better, save more, and be part of an organization that gives back to BC communities to help our province move forward.

We designed BCAA GO for life in BC today, helping this younger generation to get around with a free Evo Membership and discounted Evo driving rates. Plus, we’re also there to help them save on everyday essentials and experiences that matter most to them, with our extensive network of BCAA Rewards partners, including Blenz Coffee, Freshslice Pizza, the Vancouver Canucks, the PNE, The Source, and many more.

Ultimately, BCAA GO should be a helping hand for younger people. It’s a way that we can be there for them, just as a BCAA Membership has been there for many previous generations in ways that help them get the most out of life in BC and beyond.

By reimagining what BCAA Membership can be for more British Columbians, we’re looking after BCAA’s future and the future of increasing numbers of British Columbians. Helping them move better and save more everyday.

Learn more about BCAA GO.

Our Impact Report

We’ve committed to tracking our progress in three pillars – People, Planet and Prosperity. These measures tell us when we’re on track, when we’re doing better than expected and where we need to course-correct. Take a look at how we’re doing so far.