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Our EV Journey

From e-bikes to Roadside Assistance vehicles, BCAA is leading the charge on going electric.

No conversation about reducing carbon footprint would be complete without mentioning electric vehicles. This year, BCAA is leading the charge on going electric, both with our Roadside Assistance fleet and with Evo and Evolve.

We’ve begun integrating all-electric Ford F150 Lightning trucks into our service fleet — first as service vehicles but with an eye toward future use cases, including providing boost charges to our Members’ EVs on the road.

We're keeping our Roadside Assistance and auto service techs up to date with enhanced training on servicing electric vehicles. As EVs become more common on the road, we want to be prepared to lend a hand wherever we’re needed.

At Evo, we've expanded the number of fully electric vehicles in our mixed hybrid and EV fleet from five to 16.This incremental expansion will allow us to work out any infrastructure challenges before we add more EVs.

We’re also growing our electric offering in the micromobility space, with Evo's Evolve E-Bike and E-Scooter Share program expanding its business-to-business and public programs. This provides exciting new transportation options for the “first and last mile” — the beginning and end legs of the journey, to and from public transportation.

Roadside Assistance Gets a Boost

Daryl Ashe, Road Assist Fleet Technician, shares his experience being one of the first to drive BCAA’s new electric Member service vehicles.

When I started at BCAA over 20 years ago, I never thought I’d be driving around in a truck that didn’t need gas, with a trunk where the engine should be, delivering service to our Members when and where they need us.

When the opportunity came up to be one of the first drivers for BCAA’s newest Ford F150 Lightning electric Member Service trucks, I jumped at it. I love trying out new technology and this was a perfect chance to figure out new ways to help our Members on the roadside, while doing our part to reduce emissions.


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Leading the Charge

Our Impact Report

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