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Working at BCAA: Tales from Our Team

In 2023, for the fifth year in a row, BCAA was named a BC Top Employer, which recognizes organizations that offer exceptional places to work.

We were also named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures, which recognizes best-in-class Canadian organizations for exemplary corporate cultures that enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage.

We strive to put our team members first, prioritizing their health, safety and wellness to improve their experience of working at BCAA. What’s it like to work for a BC Top Employer with one of Canada’s Most Admired Cultures? Read on to see what a few of our team members say about what makes BCAA a special place to work.

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BCAA has been a BC Top Employer for the past 5 years.

Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures 2023

2023 Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures

Always looking to do better

Alison Robb, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

When people ask me “why should I work at BCAA?” I have a lot of answers, but one that never fails to impress is that we’ve been named a BC Top Employer for five years in a row. BC’s Top Employers is a special designation that recognizes employers that lead their industries to offer exceptional places to work. Being named a Top Employer is a huge achievement but what it says to our team members and those considering working here is that we care about our people and we’re always looking to make their experience working at BCAA better.

BCAA has a “People First” culture, and we believe that creating amazing experiences for our team members translates to them delivering outstanding service to our customers. We do this by emphasizing career growth, professional development and training. We build an inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed and all voices have a place at the table. We put safety first and find innovative and modern ways to work. As our business grows and we serve over a million British Columbians, we’re looking forward to maintaining our Top Employer status and welcoming more team members to join us in moving BC forward.

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Living Well, Being Well

Keiko Jacobs, Communications Specialist

Swimming in the ocean is one of my favourite things to do in the summer – I love the feeling of jumping into icy cold water followed by chill time on the beach. Thankfully, my family is willing to indulge my cold-water swims – this year, thanks to using two wellness days, I was able to take some extra time to visit family on Pender Island. Each day of our visit we found a new spot for an ocean dip – we had so much fun that even my father-in-law, who rarely swims, was inspired to jump in too.

Part of why I love working at BCAA is the priority of wellness. This enables me to take a bit of extra time to do things that help me relax, connect with nature and make memories. This year, BCAA added extra wellness funds for team members to use for things like gym fees, vitamins, kids’ sports fees, sports equipment, nutrition programs and more. Given my passion for ocean swims, I chose to use some wellness funds for swim lessons for my kids – hopefully they’ll continue to join me for many cold dips in the future.

Wellness is an individual journey. By offering paid wellness days and a wellness account, BCAA lets team members like me focus on their wellness in the ways that make the biggest difference for us. That helps me show up at my best in my community and in my workplace.

We achieved a Wellness Engagement Score of

Making our roads safer for everyone

Rico Cancio, Road Assist Fleet Technician

At the end of my shift, I go home and hug my kids. It’s important to me that the Members we help at the side of the road can do the same. That’s what safety means to me, and why I love seeing how BCAA supports roadside safety.

The latest safety technology that BCAA’s invested in is incredible. Once my flashing lights are on for 60 seconds, my truck sends an automatic, real-time, digital alert through Apple Maps, Waze and some vehicle manufacturer nav systems, to advise approaching drivers, “BCAA vehicle ahead. Please slow down and move over.” That’s the law here in BC, but reminders can make a big difference. I heard that in just one month, over 100,000 drivers are alerted to the presence of a BCAA truck. That’s a powerful way to help our technicians and the people we’re serving to stay safe.


Every driver we help to educate is keeping our roadsides a little bit safer for all of us.


Having the space to do our jobs safely at the side of the road is critical. The Slow Down, Move Over law specifically states that drivers must slow down and pull over to the next lane when seeing emergency or construction vehicles’ flashing lights – and that includes our amber lights. We run awareness blitzes across the province, working with partners like the RCMP to pull drivers over and remind them of the Slow Down, Move Over law. Sometimes people just aren’t paying attention or they’re driving too fast, or they say they don’t know what to do. Every driver we help to educate is keeping our roadsides a little bit safer for all of us. I’m so glad that we’re leading the way and getting everyone home safe.

Our Impact Report

We’ve committed to tracking our progress in three pillars – People, Planet and Prosperity. These measures tell us when we’re on track, when we’re doing better than expected and where we need to course-correct. Take a look at how we’re doing so far.