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Slow down, more kids are playing!
Tips to keep outdoor play safe

With many schools, parks and playgrounds closed or restricted due to COVID-19 over the last while, 52% of British Columbians say they’re seeing more kids playing outside around their neighbourhood in different places, such as driveways, alleys and laneways.

A BCAA survey by Insights West reveals increased traffic and poor driving behaviours that could put kids playing outside at risk. 45% of those polled have seen increased driving speeds in residential areas, and 43% said they’ve observed drivers not obeying stop signs in school zones, many of which are in residential areas where kids play.

BCAA asks drivers to slow down and watch out for kids on residential streets. Parents and guardians can also do their part by setting a good example. Here are some tips to keep kids safe when playing or riding bikes around the neighbourhood:
  • Talk to your kids about road safety and not playing on or near the road. Supervise younger kids and check-in frequently even with older kids.
  • Teach your kids to ask an adult for help retrieving toys that roll into the street or driveway. 
  • Make helmets a rule. Kids (and grown-ups) need to wear them when using anything with wheels. For added safety, add lights and reflectors. 
  • Dress your kids in bright, reflective clothing, so they’re easier for drivers to see.
  • Show your kids how to cross the street at an intersection. Teach them about looking both ways and making eye contact with drivers before crossing.
  • Remind your kids to never cross the street between parked cars.
Keeping our kids and neighbourhoods safe is a shared responsibility. To encourage safer, slower driving in residential neighbourhoods, BCAA is offering FREE Slow Down Kids Playing Signs to British Columbians – Members and non-Members alike. When well-placed, these signs remind motorists to pay closer attention to their surroundings when driving through areas where kids are playing. 

Request a FREE Slow Down Kids Playing Sign to place on your lawn at Available while supplies last and limit one sign per household.