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5 simple ways to make your small home feel a lot bigger than it actually is

By now, we’re collectively more familiar with the inside of our homes than we’ve ever been.

But after over 16 months at home, the spaces we’ve been spending most of our time in can feel much smaller than they really are. And with many of us working in homes that are 500 to 900 sq ft total, that’s really saying something.

Rest assured, there are some easy tips and tricks that can make your small home — whether a condo, a basement suite, or a laneway pad — feel much bigger than the square footage would suggest. So, to help you achieve the illusion of more space, here are five helpful hacks.

flowers in front of a mirror Valeriia Miller/Pexels

Hang more mirrors

How many mirrors do you have in your home right now? Mirrors reflect the shimmering light that beams into your home while creating depth. Consequently, they can create the feel of a bigger space. We’re not talking about turning your pad into a carnival-inspired house of mirrors, but adding a few more (maybe even a mirrored wall in one room?) could make a world of difference.

painting the wallArtur_Nyk/Shutterstock

Paint with light tones

Similar to mirrors, white and neutral tones reflect light and can evoke the sense of a room being bigger. However, that’s not to say that having a dark feature wall in your living room will make the area feel tiny. You can find a balance between the two by adding neutral furnishings and accessories or using a pop of colour with furnishings against a neutral wall. Whether on your wallpaper or a duvet cover, the addition of linear stripes can also give rise to an almost more lengthy feel.

storage drawer under bedPaksongpob Kasempisaisin/Shutterstock

Choose space-saving furniture

More often than not, the furniture we have (and are likely quite attached to) takes up more space than we realize. While it might be tough to say goodbye to the bed you bought when you moved in, it’s a worthwhile trade-off for a new frame with storage beneath. A move like this means you can get rid of that awkward dresser — the one you’ve stubbed your toe on too many times. FYI, buying furniture with legs also tricks the eye into thinking a room is bigger.

painting on a wallMax Vakhtbovych/Pexels

Go oversize with artwork

While this may sound like a bizarre approach to take in a small space, it works magically. A gorgeous, oversized painting, print, or tapestry hanging on your wall elicits a more lofty scale that wouldn’t exist otherwise. And, if you hang art up higher on your walls, it helps accentuate the height of your ceilings.

woman packing a cardboard boxSeventyFour/Shutterstock

Say goodbye to clutter

As humans, we’re creatures of habit, and that sometimes means amassing heaps of things we think we need over time — to the point that we forget they are even there, taking up space. Alas, dedicating an afternoon to decluttering (inclusive of items piled on the floor) — and getting rid of everything that no longer brings you joy — can allow your home to feel roomier while giving you back that much-needed square footage to create your own personal sanctuary.

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Article originally written by Daily Hive and published on August 9, 2021.