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Simple tips for growing happy house plants

Indoor plants do so much more than merely improve the appearance of your home. It’s been proven that they can also make you happier and healthier; plus, watching them grow will give you a boost of self-confidence. So, hello green thumb!

To help you and your indoor plants thrive, we’ve pulled together a list of simple tips from our in-house expert and all-around awesome BCAA Team Member @tiny_greens. Here are the basics for growing and nurturing healthy house plants:

  • Sunlight is the key! Choose plants that match the level of sunlight in your home. Believe it or not, too much sunlight can burn the leaves of tropical plants that prefer partial shade.
  • Choosing the right soil is so very important. Like us, plants are all unique.
  • Avoid root rot by always checking to ensure the soil is dry before watering (the top inch of the soil should be dry when you put your finger in).
  • Keep the pests out. When bringing a new plant home, it’s best to wipe down the leaves with a gentle dish soap detergent diluted with water to clean off any grime and unwanted guests that may have snuck in from the outside. It's also a good idea to quarantine new plants for a couple of weeks. If they carry pests, you can avoid the spread to the rest of your plants already at home.
  • Spring is the perfect time to re-pot house plants. Plants hibernate in the winter, but come springtime, they are ready to grow. Check when you're watering to see if the water flows straight through. If so, it's time to check your roots, and if you see them encircled at the base in a tight and tangled mess, it's a sign your plant is root-bound and time to upsize to a larger pot.
  • When re-potting your plant, don’t go too big. Stick to one size bigger. Having a plant in a pot that’s too big increases the likelihood of sitting water and leads to root rot. Only move up 2-4 inches in diameter than the current pot size. And make sure the new pot has proper drainage holes.

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