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What is retail insurance and why do you need it?

As a small business owner in BC, we know you work incredibly hard to run the retail business you love and depend on. It’s not just a huge investment of your time, it may well be your biggest financial investment, too. This is why you need to protect your business.

BCAA is committed to helping local businesses to thrive. It’s why we created retail and wholesale business insurance for BC small business owners like you.

Here are six ways BCAA Small Business Insurance protects your business and reputation:

High claims in first 10 years

When you launch a business, the first few years are always the hardest. Did you know that over a third of small businesses face a claim-worthy event in their first decade of operation? It’s hard enough to launch a retail business—make sure you’re insured to protect your growing business from unexpected lawsuits, settlements and claim costs.

A good business never stops moving forward. BCAA Small Business Insurance can help you keep your business running even when stuff happens with business interruption coverage. A BCAA Small Business Insurance policy can help with extra expenses if you need to rent a temporary location, rent equipment, or hire extra staff so you can main close to normal operations until your business returns to normal.

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Customers bring risks

Running a retail store means hosting customers, which increases the potential for liability. As you’re dealing with customers, you should protect your business with Commercial General Liability insurance, which is a key part of our retail and wholesale business coverage. Commercial General Liability insurance covers your business if a customer is accidentally injured in your store or by one of your products.

Your customer’s information can be compromised

Virtually every business has data on clients, employees and others that can be stolen, electronically “hacked”, or lost through accidental or inadvertent release.

Canadian cybercrime is getting worse every year and businesses are suffering from the damage. Cybercrime is the most common threat faced by Canadian organizations and small businesses with over 4,200 attacks in 2020 (source: Emsisoft).

Fortunately, data compromise coverage is included in all our business insurance policies. With BCAA Small Business Insurance we’ll help you respond to a personal data breach by providing legal counsel, covering public relations costs, providing fraud alert assistance, and restoration services to affected individuals.

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Protection from storms, fires, and floods

We’ve got your business covered if it gets affected, damaged and/or stopped by unfortunate events like fire, floods, leaks, storms, vandalism, or theft. Our property insurance (included in your retail and wholesale business insurance) has options that can cover your business for replacement or repair costs for your building, fixtures, and stock.

So, if a fire or flood closes your shop for three stressful months, your property insurance helps you get back on your feet. Meantime, your business interruption insurance will keep you afloat by helping cover the income you’re missing out on.

Protection while on the go

Chances are, you use electronics/devices (like a laptop or your phone) to keep your store running smoothly. If you take them with you when you leave your store, we'll make sure they're covered in the case of damage, loss, or theft through floater insurance protection.

Plus, if you’re shipping or hand-delivering products to a Canadian customer, we’ll cover your items all the way to their destination.

We cover a range of retail businesses

Business owners rely on BCAA Small Business Insurance for a range of businesses, including:

  • Auto repair
  • Auto detailing
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Computers & electronics
  • Furniture stores
  • Garden supplies
  • Grocery stores
  • HVAC equipment wholesale
  • Liquor stores
  • Sporting goods

Don’t see your store? You can find your business here.

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We understand BC business owners

We specialize in British Columbia retail businesses with fewer than 10 employees and less than $5 million in yearly revenue, both ecommerce and brick and mortar.

Already covered? It’s a great time to review your current policy to ensure you have the right coverage in place. BCAA Small Business Insurance offers you customized coverage with online convenience from BC’s Most Trusted Brand for Insurance. Our mission: provide you with the foundation of insurance protection so your retail business continues to thrive and grow. Plus, if you have a personal BCAA Membership you’ll save up to 10%.

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The material covered in this article is provided for general informational purposes only and does not, and is not intended to, limit or extend coverage, or constitute legal or insurance advice. BCAA Small Business Insurance coverage is determined by the insurance contract.