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Tips for the Right Protection in Case of a Car Accident

Do you have the right level of protection in the event of a car accident? As your local car insurance experts, we break down the types of protection (mandatory and optional) you should know about in BC, so you can save, get better coverage, or both.

ICBC Basic Car Insurance vs. Optional Car Insurance

All vehicles in BC are required by law to have ICBC Basic Car Insurance for a minimum level of protection, but it doesn’t cover everything. Drivers can top up their basic car insurance with Optional Car Insurance provided by ICBC or other insurance companies, like BCAA, for extra protection from things like chipped windshields, break-ins, vehicle repair costs and more.

Car Insurance 101

Are you tired of insurance speak? At BCAA, we use human speak to explain your car insurance options and help you save money.
Check out the videos below to learn the facts about car insurance in BC.

1. Protection if you’re at-fault for a crash

  • Type: Third Party Liability
  • Mandatory/Optional: Both
  • Provided by: ICBC, BCAA and other insurance companies
  • What it covers: Protects you if you’re responsible for a crash and another person makes a claim against you to cover their injury costs and/or vehicle damage up to your selected coverage limit

2. Protection if you’re injured in a crash

  • Type: Accident Benefits
  • Mandatory/Optional: Mandatory
  • Provided by: ICBC only
  • What it covers: If you’ve been injured in a crash, pays for your medical costs and wage loss up to $300,000, regardless if you’re responsible for the crash. Treatments can include physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and more

3. Protection if your vehicle is damaged

  • Type: Collision, Comprehensive
  • Mandatory/Optional: Optional
  • Provided by: ICBC, BCAA and other insurance companies
  • What it covers: Helps to repair damage to your vehicle after a crash or damage that’s a result of break-ins, weather and more

How to Save on Car Insurance

Unlike basic car insurance, drivers can choose who provides their optional car insurance, which could mean lower rates if you explore your options. For example, BCAA offers valuable ways to save such as 10% off for BCAA Members and 5% off for eco-friendly hybrid electric vehicles. Get a BCAA Optional Car Insurance quote to see how much you could save.

For questions about your car insurance coverage, speak to one of our expert advisors by calling 1.888.268.2222. You can also learn more about your car insurance options at