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5 examples of how a BCAA Kids Go FREE Membership can save the day

Kids need adventures to learn, grow and feel free. After over a year of virtual learning, socially distanced activities and travel restrictions, many are eager to make up for lost time. As parents, you want your kids to have fun, but also never compromise on their safety and protection. That’s where a BCAA Kids Go Free Membership can help you do just that, for FREE! BCAA Plus and Premier Members can add their children (ages 15 and under) onto their BCAA Membership plan and extend the same coverage and benefits to their kids at no extra cost. Once added on, they will receive their very own BCAA Membership card and you can rest assured knowing your kids are protected on any road trip adventure, whether they may be with family members, friends or a caregiver. Here are 5 examples of how your kids can be everyday heroes with their very own BCAA Kids Go Free Membership:

1. The grandparents get a flat tire driving the kids to the park

Accidents happen and sometimes a rough road or an unexpected sharp object can leave your car with a flat. We don’t want that to get in the way of a fun day. With one call, BCAA will dispatch a technician to the vehicle your child is in to change the flat or provide a tow so nothing can stop the fun times from rolling on.

2. Family friends take the kids on a road trip but run out of fuel

Camping and adventuring throughout British Columbia make for some of the best memories. However, this is also when we experience more calls from BCAA Members who run out of gas. With a BCAA Kids Go Free Membership, your kids can save the day by having BCAA deliver up to 10L of free fuel so they can get back on the road without missing a beat.

3. The babysitter’s car breaks down after picking up the kids from summer camp

If your kids are in a vehicle that breaks down, all they need to do is show their BCAA Kids Go Free Membership to the adult they are travelling with and before you know it, BCAA will show up to help. Whether it’s a dead battery or worse, we’ll make sure to get everyone back home safely.

mom holding toddler looking at broken down car engine

4. Your child’s bike chain breaks while biking with friends

We don’t want your child’s bike ride to be ruined due to a breakdown. A BCAA Kids Go Free Membership includes Bike Assist so we’ll show up and provide emergency roadside assistance for a bike breakdown just like we would with a car! If we can’t repair the bike on the spot, we will tow it to a nearby shop or back home if your child is within the coverage distance provided by their Membership.

5. A family member takes the kids for ice cream and accidentally locks the keys in the car

Spending quality time with family is precious, and we don’t want to let something like locking the keys in the car ruin the moment. Even if the family member doesn’t have a BCAA Membership, you can rest assured knowing your child does, with help always being a tap or call away. With a BCAA Kids Go Free Membership, we’ll come out to unlock the car and let your kids get back to more important things like selecting the right ice cream flavor. To make things even sweeter, your child gets the same access to savings at hundreds of favourite brands like Marble Slab Ice Cream or Freshslice Pizza, just by showing their BCAA Kids Go Free Membership card!

mom and child getting into family van

Of course, safety is our top priority, especially when it comes to your children. In the event your child requires roadside assistance while travelling in someone else’s vehicle, we’ll contact you first to let you know that they’re safe. No matter what may happen on the road, with a BCAA Kids Go Free Membership, we want to give you one less thing to worry about.

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