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Head back to school with the best tech

Looking for the right tech for back to school? Look no further! From laptops to monitors, headphones, and more, we've got you covered.

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Drown out unwanted sound and stay focused with the right headphones

On campus, there's always a lot going on—noisy common areas, crowded libraries and sometimes even loud roommates. That's why having the right headphones is a game-changer. They can block out distractions, helping students concentrate better while studying or working on assignments.

But it's not just about studying. When it comes to online classes, the right headphones let students actively participate in discussions and group projects without disturbing those around them. Built-in microphones ensure clear communication, making collaboration a breeze.

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Level up your student’s journey with the right laptop and must-have PC accessories

Laptops are a student's lifeline. They're perfect for writing essays, creating presentations, conducting research, accessing online learning platforms and completing assignments. But it's not just about the functionality. Laptops offer the freedom to work from anywhere—classrooms, libraries, coffee shops or the comfort of a couch at home.

To supercharge the laptop experience, accessories come to the rescue. External hard drives, printers, scanners, mice, keyboards and headphones enhance functionality and convenience. They provide extra storage, improve input and output capabilities, offer data backup, assist with research and artistic projects and create a personalized computing experience that's comfortable and tailored to each student's needs.

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Student sitting at laptop with headphones on

Looking at the big picture

While a laptop gets the job done for class and homework, let's face it—it's not the most eye-friendly option. That's where an additional monitor comes in. It gives students extra screen space, perfect for multitasking, tackling complex projects or viewing multiple documents at once. Say goodbye to constant window switching!

Adding a second monitor means students can have multiple documents, web pages or reference materials open simultaneously. It makes the world of difference when cross-referencing and gathering information. Plus, it makes collaboration with classmates easier too.

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Putting it on paper

Many students may consider a printer to be optional, but they have likely not experienced the frustration of last-minute printing scenarios right before a submission deadline. Having a printer readily available eliminates the stress of searching for a printer elsewhere on or off-campus without worrying about waiting in line or finding an open print shop during business hours.

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Student at desktop computer watching video or online teacher

Turning smartphones into a tool for school

Having the right phone accessories can take your productivity experience to the next level. Recording a video for a presentation? A tripod keeps your camera steady. Need better background lighting? A selfie light has got you covered.

For content creators out there, selfie lights help step up the visual quality of content. It makes creations more appealing and engaging to the target audience. Keeping extra chargers and power banks on hand means your battery never runs low.

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Get on the smart track

Smartwatches and activity trackers are a student's secret weapon for a healthier and more organized lifestyle.

When it comes to fitness, these devices help students monitor their physical activity, set goals and track their progress. They encourage an active and balanced lifestyle, which positively impacts overall well-being and academic performance.

But that's not all. Smartwatches also excel at time management and productivity. With notifications, reminders and calendars right on the wrist, students can stay organized and never miss a deadline or appointment.

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