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A #BCAASavestheDay Holiday Rhyme

BCAA Driver Paul

‘Twas the week before Christmas
And who would’ve thunk…
Deb’s 06 Mazda battery went kerplunk!!!
The BCAA receptionist heralded the news…
A new battery could be delivered, "Don’t dirty your shoes!"
And then in a twinkling, who should arrive?
But BCAA technician Paul, full of big smiles!
"Please don’t worry Deb, this is no big deal!"
"I have batteries galore, this is for real!"
"And…I picked up this special one…just for you!"
"Let me get under that hood and see what I can do!"
And as quick as a wink with a few jolly laughs
The old jalopy was running, Paul a MASTER at his craft!
Deb was so happy, and before Paul was out of sight…
They wished each other happy holidays
And everything was alright!!!

Thanks Paul, AKA, Santa, for saving our day. Thank you BCAA…we have loved being Members for 20 years.

Debbie R.
Member since 2002

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