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A little help when you hit a bump along the way

RV on open road

We thought we would have an exciting trip from 83 Mile, BC to celebrate with family in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. We were travelling with our truck and camper having a great trip, we got to Calgary to pick up a small rubber boat, then got a phone call saying my husband had colon cancer. We were both devastated but decided to continue on.

We wanted to see some back areas of Alberta and our truck broke down in Viking, Alberta. It was the Friday afternoon before the long-weekend, and everyone was closing up their shops. We had just gotten BCAA (our first time) two weeks before.

There are not many big towns out in this area. We called BCAA thinking we would be waiting for a while. Within 15 minutes, we had a tow truck stopping to help and towed us back to the dealer in Killem. We were so impressed and thankful we had gotten BCAA. They phoned us back to check if the tow truck driver had shown up, which was a very pleasant surprise that they would check on us.

Our son-in-law and family were coming the next day. They came and helped us get our truck fixed, and the next day we were on our way. Husband finally had the surgery and things are good. Thanks, BCAA for making our trip a little more manageable.

Heather B.
Member since 2018

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