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BCAA spreads festive cheer to save holiday shopping trip

Woman raising her arms in cheer in front of a car with a Christmas tree on top    

I wanted to share my story of how awesome BCAA is! I went Christmas shopping back in December last year and I was about 30 minutes from home. After coming out of a store, I realized that I had a flat tire, and was unable to drive on it. Panicking, I called BCAA for help. After a very quick 20-minute wait, one of the BCAA Auto Technicians showed up, only to advise that I drove over a GIANT nail and completely destroyed my tire. He was so kind and patient as I was in tears over this and panicking. He talked to me while he put my spare on and made sure I was okay and waited until my husband showed up. Unfortunately, I cannot recall his name but he was such a kind soul!


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