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Blown tire becomes an easy ride with the BCAA App’s tow truck tracker

BCAA Saves the Day truck with blown tire    

As I pulled into my driveway after finishing a long shift, my tire pressure monitor lit up on my dashboard and showed that the rear passenger tire on my F-150 was at 0 PSI. The tire blew out from the sidewall and had gone completely flat.

I called BCAA and used their automated telephone line to request service. Within an hour, a tow truck driver called me and said he was on his way and would be there in five minutes. I would like to give a shout out and kudos to BCAA for handling the call quickly and seamlessly and more importantly for the exceptional service I received from the tow driver, John.

He was professional, polite, and you could tell he really cared about helping people and making a difference. He also went above and beyond and installed the spare tire onto my truck and got me on my way. Thank you, John, and BCAA for providing exceptional customer service, which today is as rare as hens teeth. You guys are the best!

BCAA Membership also saved my wife and me a combined $490 on our Optional Car Insurance for the year, which more than paid for the Membership. For anyone sitting on the fence about BCAA, it’s a lifesaver and will save you money!

I also would like to mention that last night I downloaded and installed the BCAA app. Once you install it, it shows you on your phone exactly where the tow truck is and how far they are from your house. This app is a must-have, and it works perfectly.


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