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Dead battery shocker avoided with lightning-quick install

CAA Battery being lifted into car    

One morning, the starter in my car would barely turn over. I absolutely had to go to work so I planned to get a battery installed afterwards. When I went to start it after work the battery was completely dead.

I called BCAA to give me a boost not knowing if the car would start the next day. I had visions of having to get my car towed to the garage the next day and having to take taxis to and from work.

The BCAA advisor said the driver could install a new battery for me. I gave her my vehicle information and she said the driver had a battery for me. I don't recall how long I waited, but it was less than an hour until he showed up. He tried to start the car to make sure, then opened the hood, checked the battery connections and only after that he replaced the battery. I was completely relieved when I got in and it started and I was on my way home. I didn't have to worry about my car not starting the next day and I didn't have to make an appointment to have a new battery installed at a garage.


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