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House fire destroys almost everything but BCAA saves the day, and a special bunny!

Blue stuffed bunny rabbit holding a yellow plush ball    

In April 2012, our family witnessed and experienced an unexpected event to our home. We had a house fire. It occurred many years ago, but the memories will forever be with us. Within minutes, the fire engulfed most of the house and the fire rescue teams did their best to salvage what little remained. We immediately called BCAA not knowing what our next steps were as we were already confused and in shock learning our house caught fire.

The BCAA operator was kind and friendly and explained the process to us without overwhelming us with insurance jargon. She immediately arranged for an adjuster to attend. When the adjustor attended, he was sympathetic and explained the next steps to us. His priority was to make sure we were looked after in terms of lodging, clothing and food. We were so impressed with how the adjuster put us first before looking at insurance coverage details.

We had the appropriate insurance coverage, but what was moving to us was the human elements such as compassion, caring and understanding from the moment we made the initial phone call to BCAA to the time we moved back in months later. My little daughter lost her little plush bunny rabbit in the fire, but we were left completely speechless when the BCAA contractors actually found the sentimental plush bunny and were able to restore it. We will never forget that kind gesture.

Even when we didn't require anything, we still received regular phone calls from BCAA to ask how we were doing. We don't ever want anyone to experience a house fire, but rest assured you are in good hands with a company like BCAA!


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