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Locked in? BCAA to the rescue

Mother locked out of car

I'll never forget how BCAA quickly saved me from a Mom Nightmare:

I finally found a spot in the busy Costco parking lot, and amidst the chatter of discontented little people voices making little people demands, I was going over my huge grocery list in my head (which I somehow forgot, or which one of the little people helped me to relocate). I pop out (lumber out) of the van to assess if I am close enough to the shopping carts to get a cart without carrying each little person on one hip, in a delicate balance with a big old pregnant tummy. Somehow, without even thinking, I lock my door (those good habits from childhood operate even in sleep deprivation mode) and I close my door. Where are my keys? They are always on a lanyard around my neck? Strange. Wait a second. Every door is locked. Absolute PANIC sets in.

I approach the innocent bystander (a-hem, Good Samaritan) getting into the car next to me and frantically but politely request the use of his cell phone as everything I own is locked in my car with my two precious little people still strapped into their car seats. I'm able to make the call to BCAA and get put through right away. I'm reassured that help is coming so then I indulge the hyperventilating I've been holding back. I'm hiding from my kids so that they can just keep thinking nothing is wrong, and their mother has absolutely NOT just locked them in the car. BCAA arrives within 5 minutes!

I'm now crying and hugging a stranger for the help of his phone.

And BCAA has the door open within 2 minutes, before my little people even realize that their mom just had a huge, huge Mom Fail. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you BCAA!

Person on phone

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