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Ken D.

Miles from home and the car won’t start

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I flew into Bellingham, Washington's airport on January 4th and hopped into my vehicle which had been parked for a month. After a short drive to purchase some groceries, my car would not start as both the battery and alternator had died.

My first call was to the local AAA and shortly after explaining my difficulty, a tow truck arrived and explained my options which were to have the car towed to a local dealer and have the necessary parts ordered and installed or have it towed to the Canada / US border and then get a BCAA tow truck to take it the rest of the way to my local mechanic's shop.

If I had opted for the first choice, It would have been doubtful that the necessary parts would be on hand and as it was after 5:00 pm in the evening, the matter could not have been rectified until the next day and, in addition, I would have to stay overnight at a local hotel or motel thereby incurring a great deal of cost not to mention the inconvenience.

I agreed to have the car towed to the border where it was dropped off until a BCAA tow truck came to pick it up and take it to my designation. Both drivers were very courteous and extremely helpful and should be commended for their fine service as excellent representatives of the respective auto clubs. I sincerely appreciated their help.

My decision to purchase a BCAA Premier membership at the suggestion of one of your Coquitlam service centre representatives some years ago, was the best move I could have made as the costs of the entire towing operations involving the AAA in the USA and BCAA in Canada were covered by the Premier membership. I urge everyone reading this to upgrade to a Premier membership if they don't have one already. It's sure worth it if you ever need a long distance towing operation or for any other service covered by this membership, and for the peace of mind if you never have to utilize it.

Ken D. - a happy BCAA Member since 1979

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