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Perfect day ‘unlocked’ thanks to BCAA

giving car keys to customer

I have been a BCAA Member for several decades and, apart from having my battery replaced and unlocking my car door after I locked my keys in the trunk, I haven't made all that much use of their wonderful Roadside Assistance.

However, after picking up some relatives at the Vancouver Airport who were visiting from Winnipeg, I decided to show off our beautiful province. With their bags safely in my trunk I drove them out to Horseshoe Bay. The day was sunny and beautiful, a ferry had just docked, all was perfect!

As we got out of my older model car, I accidentally locked the door leaving the motor running. What a disaster and so embarrassing! I was very thankful I had a BCAA Membership and quickly called them.

It took about half an hour for a BCAA Auto Technician to arrive and it wasn't a minute before he had unlocked my door and I could shut off the engine.

A happy ending to a very unfortunate, embarrassing incident.


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Share your #BCAASavestheDay story and you could win a $50 eGift Card to one of our rewards partners.

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