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Something borrowed, something blue, BCAA comes to the rescue

a wedding dress

It was a summer morning and my husband and I were driving from Vancouver to Alberta for our son's wedding. He and his future bride were ahead of us, and because their car was filled to the max, we have her wedding dress. On the approach to the Port Mann Bridge there was a strange sound from the engine and a sudden loss of power. My husband was just able to pull over before our aged Ford Probe stops.

Here is where things become complex, my husband had left his cell phone at home and our son's car is out of sight. He manages to flag down a kind motorist who lends him his phone to call BCAA.

While we wait anxiously in the car for the tow truck the wedding dress hanging serenely in the back swamps us with fear. Are we about to ruin this wedding? Relief and gratitude replace fear when the BCAA truck pulls up.

While we are heading back to Vancouver the operator offers his phone so we can let our son know what happened. We assure him we will meet them in Alberta as soon as possible. Here's where the driver's thoughtfulness becomes above and beyond. He makes a brief stop at our home in North Vancouver so we can unload our car before he takes it to the repair shop. We will always remember his kindness and the role it played in what would turn out happily a few days later. The dress arrived in time for the wedding.

Anne R.

Person on phone

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