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Jurassic-sized holiday trouble on the road

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A few years ago, we came to Victoria for a family Christmas in our trusty 1991 Jeep (affectionately known as Jeep-o-saurus).

On Christmas morning, while driving to pick up my daughter, all systems in the Jeep started to shut down. Radio, then heat, lights. And just as we pulled up to her place, engine failure. Merry Christmas.

At 7 am we called BCAA. At 7:20 we had a truck with a lovely gentleman (very much wish I could remember his name) who took a look under the hood, tapped a few things, got it running, and with a wink and a smile, told us to get the alternator replaced as soon as we could. Christmas morning saved thanks to BCAA.

We have all been Members for many years and will continue to be. BCAA is always there when you need them the most.


The Dixon Family
Members since 1993

Photo Credit: Getty Images
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