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BCAA covers all costs of cancelled bucket list adventure

 BCAA Member David and Wife in Paris

There are 10,000 reasons BCAA saved the day for us in 2019.

My wife and I had planned a monster European trip that included a flight to Spain, a Mediterranean cruise and a flight from Rome to Copenhagen, where we were to start a Scandinavian visit that included Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Just a couple of weeks before departure, my wife suffered a medical issue that would not allow us to travel. We had purchased travel insurance from BCAA, and I made a claim with all the documents I could muster and sent it off with my fingers crossed.

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised when, within a month, two cheques showed up in the mail covering the full cost of our claim of about $10,000.

We were overjoyed that BCAA Travel Insurance had come through for us, allowing us to put that money aside and plan future trips. As we plan those trips, we will once again be getting our travel coverage through BCAA.

Thanks so much BCAA for saving the day for us!


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