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flat tire

Driving up Willingdon recently, I must have hit a nail because a sudden loud bang was followed by thudding and clunking noises and shaking. I thought my whole engine had seized! I pulled into Brentwood mall only to realize that my tire was completely flat. Because I am fortunate enough to be the daughter of the two nicest people in the world, my parents renew my BCAA Membership annually for Christmas every year, so I never panic in these situations. I calmly called BCAA, and by the time I finished one coat of nail polish on each hand I got a call from BCAA driver Paul saying he was a few minutes away. He checked all my other tires, then showed the damaged and explained how easily and economically it could be fixed. He turned what would otherwise have been a bad situation into a totally positive experience! Thank you, Paul, for turning an inconvenience into a pleasure.

Joanne N.
Member since 1992

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